Collection of images generated through scripts developed to automate actions on high-resolution photo in Photoshop, the possibility of using JavaScript enabled me to develop various processing programs with the ability to load two or more images to be used for composing the matrix of the QRCode.

You can test these images using a smartphone with a qrcode reader.

You can try this action based on two images with this script SimpleQRCodeMatrix.jsx
this action require a reference folder with 3 images:

clear picture named "white.png",
dark picture named "black.png",
qrcode (31 cell format)

load script in ExtendScript Toolkit with target Photoshop
in Photoshop choose File > Scripts > Browse and navigate to the script.

qrcode2 qrcode4
qrcode with a sequence of black and white photos.
qrcode3 qrcode1
qrcomp2 qrcomp1

Canvas version

qrcode generated with a tool that uses javascript and canvas

qrcode5 qrcode6 qrcode7
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